From its inception, the Haitian Lawyers Association (HLA) has provided pro-bono legal representation to Haitian immigrants in matters relating to immigration, family law, civil rights, criminal law, juvenile law and housing. HLA has represented clients in federal, state and immigration courts.

Moreover, HLA has partnered with Legal Services of Greater Miami to provide free representation to families facing foreclosure and has conducted various community seminars to educate them on how to save their homes and to modify their loans. In addition to providing legal representation, HLA conducts a weekly radio show to educate members of the community about legal issues in the areas of immigration law, family law, unlicensed practice of law, and criminal law.


The Haitian Lawyer's Association mission is to foster and encourage professional excellence among Haitian-American Lawyers; promote a greater awareness of and commitment to the civil and political rights of the Haitian-American Community; foster and engender relationships with Haitian-American Lawyers and other members of the bar; develop relationships with other Haitian-American organizations; increase the enrollment of Haitian-American law students and other minorities; promote the general welfare of Haitian-Americans in South Florida; uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession among Haitian-American Lawyers, both on a local and national level; and to create networking opportunities for lawyers interested in doing business with Haitian-Americans.


The Haitian Lawyers Association's (HLA) is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to protecting and advocating for the legal rights of the Haitian community.

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