The Haitian American Community Development Corporation (HACDC) has operated for the past twenty-five (25) years as Little Haiti Housing Association.  Through 2012 strategic planning processes, the board of directors and organization leaders has agreed to expand the target areas and services of the organization and have chosen a name reflective of their mission.  As the Little Haiti Housing Association, the organization provided services in the Little Haiti and North Miami regions of Dade County.  As HACDC that geographic focus has been significantly expanded.


HACDC is a non-profit organization ensuring providing decent affordable housing, educational and business enterprise opportunities through programs that create and sustain economic advancement in Haitian American communities.


HACDC is working towards implementation of initiatives that result in asset building in south Florida’s Haitian American communities.

HACDC believes that housing efforts must be part of a holistic strategy for effecting sustainable community development and embarks on strategies that target community development within South Florida’s geographies identified with significant Haitian-American populations. While the primary target population for HACDC are members of the Haitian-American community, its services are available to individuals regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle orinetation,or religious beliefs.

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